We are the Exclusive Distributor for Horlicks Malties!

Redesigning Horlicks Malties "SG Edition"

Mamabox worked closely with Unilever to design a brand new “SG Edition” packaging for Horlicks Malties exclusively for distribution in Singapore only. For the design, we incorporated elements that defined Singapore as a nation while also retaining elements of Horlicks Malties’ unique brand identity. Thus, we incorporated the Merlion which is also the official mascot of Singapore while the red outlines with white also represented the colours of Singapore’s national flag. Together, this resulted in a new packaging that was refreshing to consumers and yet still recognisable in marketplaces.

Now Available In Stores Near You

We also managed to tie down a partnership deal with NTUC FairPrice to introduce our Horlicks Malties products across more than 100 NTUC FairPrice outlets islandwide. The products will be available on all major NTUC FairPrice supermarkets including NTUC FairPrice Finest, NTUC FairPrice Shop and FairPrice Xtra.

Horlicks Malties Malt Candy is a nutritious malt snack that has been around as early as 1939 and was a necessity during World War II. It has been known as the favourite childhood candy for many local Singaporeans alike as well and can be seen as a symbol of childhood nostalgia for many. Each bite of Horlicks Malties is packed with the goodness of milk, barley & wheat. Each tablet also contains zinc for growth, calcium for strong bones and vitamin A for eye function. There are also no artificial colours or preservatives.

Mamabox is the exclusive distributor for Horlicks Malties.

You can find Horlicks Malties on Mamabox’s E-Marketplaces such as Mamabox.sg, Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 and Amazon.sg. It is available in physical outlets such as Cheers, UStar and soon-to-be launched in FairPrice outlets islandwide.

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