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Your Go-To-Market Needs Made Simple

Mamabox is the emerging leader of distribution, and has become a trusted partner for both consumers and retailers alike. With a diverse range of products focused on consumer goods, we have built strong presence nationwide and we empower your brands to reach more than 2,000 retailer doors offline and across the online space.

We Are Here and Ready to SUPERCHARGE Your Brand!

Leverage on Our FULL SUITE Team and Resources, Without the Hassle of Hiring and Managing Manpowers

Building an in-house expert team can be an expensive and daunting task. We’ve got you covered with the right team and resources to work on your brand.

Reach Over 2,000 Retailers with Mamabox

Mamabox offers tailor-made services, enabling your consumer goods brands to reach over 2,000 offline retailers. Our extensive network includes Modern Trade, convenience stores, General Trade, lifestyle, hospitality, and wholesale sectors, covering diverse demographics and locations.

  • Brand Exposure on Mamabox E-Marketplaces
  • Product Features on Mamabox Livestreams

  • Copywriting
  • Page & Listing Design

  • Sales Campaign Planning
  • E-Marketplace Advertising
  • Flash Sale

  • Pick & Pack Services
  • Stock Management
  • Last Mile Delivery

  • High SLA Standards
  • Prompt & Timely Replies
  • Facilitate Exchanges & Refunds

  • Basic Sales Performance Analysis
  • Basic Sales Reporting


Mama Live Stream puts your brand & products in the spotlight, highlighting its unique selling points (USPs). It enables a proper introduction with the personal touch – directly connecting to consumers and understanding their sentiments towards your brand & products.

  • Live Information Delivered to 15K+ Views Per Session
  • Hosted By In-House Talents
  • Greater Brand Engagement & Awareness
  • Live-Stream Session Conducted Every Week
  • Caters for Special Product Features Spotlight
  • Including Live-Stream Locations, Equipments, Etc.

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Get immediate access to all our online channels when you come onboard. Leverage on our customer base.

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