Mamabox Work with BD to Distribute Their Covid Test Kits Through Our Vending Machine Run & Operate Model

During trying times where COVID-19 cases were spreading at an alarming rate, it was vital for BD to ensure that employees were able to do self-testing on their own with minimal fuss. With this, Mamabox worked with Becton Dickinson (BD) to distribute their COVID-19 test kits to their employees via Run & Operate vending machines. We provided timely restocks with regular machine maintenance and ensured that the products were sanitised before adding them into the vending machines so that proper hygiene levels were met. The use of vending machines to distribute the COVID-19 test kits minimised human contact between employees and other people while also providing a sanitised environment for employees to collect their COVID-19 test kits. Through this initiative, the employees within the BD building were able to retrieve their COVID-19 test kits more efficiently at their own time.

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