Introducing our “NOT FOR SALE” Vending Machine Model

not for sale

Mamabox will be debuting the “Not For Sale” vending machine model for businesses at FHA 2022. This unique and one-of-a-kind vending solution offers business owners short-term advertising solutions with a low entry cost. The “Not For Sale” Vending Machines will be deployed at prime locations islandwide which includes malls and popular central areas with high human traffic.

The model allows for business owners to display their products in an enclosed vending machine which do not offer products for sale. Consumers can be directed to the business’ online or E-Commerce platforms via a QR code decal to purchase the products instead. A video can also be played on the vending machine* to further increase brand exposure and inform consumers on the brand message your business wants to bring across. This solution was designed to help brand owners increase brand awareness in suburban areas and reach out to city fringe consumers.

Mamabox also offers the Run & Operate model where business owners can opt for a full wrap on all sides of the vending machine for maximum exposure. Business owners can also fully decide what products to place in the vending machine while leaving the fulfilment and replenishment to us. We also offer customised vending solutions with tailored marketing promotions for businesses with real-time sales data & reports for tracking. Mamabox currently has more than 100 vending locations islandwide categorised into non-prime and prime locations. Non-prime locations include industrial area, residential areas, offices, places of worships while prime locations include schools, shopping malls, recreational clubs and places of interest. Vending locations are strategically selected to maximise consumer exposure while minimising investment costs.

Stay tuned to our website and social media for latest updates on our vending solutions for businesses.


*subject to model of machine deployed

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