Who We Are

Founded in 2018, Mamabox Corporation Pte Ltd is a Distribution Technology Company that focuses on Total Commerce. Through our D2C model, Mamabox™ Partners with Various Established and Emerging Brand Owners to Distribute Products, Services & Information through our O2O (Online to Offline) Strategies in All Major Online Marketplaces, Social Commerce, Mamabox™ Vending Machines, General & Modern Trades, Retailers, HoReCa and Food Services.

Mamabox provides Livestreaming & Enabler Solution, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Vending Solution, Storage and Logistics as part of our Total Commerce Solution.

Note from CEO and Founder Eugene Ong

I started Mamabox in 2018 as I understand the struggles and obstacles that many brand owners and entrepreneurs are facing day to day. Some of the common issues are cash flow, low product recognition by consumers, expensive marketing, and retail listing costs to lack of support by business partners and retailer. From our inception as a vending company, with a mind of using the latest technology and digital intervention to reduce time taken and the reliance of manpower, we have since grown and equipped with tools and solutions to enable brand owners to leverage on us as a reliable platform and trusted solution provider.

Our MNC to SME customers and business partners make use of our services, spanning from Mamabox’s online marketplaces to us co-investing in offline channels, to using our vending machines and digital marketing solutions among many others.

Because of them, we are inspired to grow to support many like-minded business partners and make impact to the community regionally.

Our Vision

To be the Brand Behind Brands in Asia.

Our Mission

To empower brands in achieving the Total Commerce experience.

Mamabox Core Values

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We're Here To Elevate Your Brand and Nurture Meaningful Partnerships

Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand, Mamabox allows your business to expand and grow. We trust in our Total Commerce Solution to help brands achieve Total Commerce.

Omnichannel Distribution

We believe in the modern O2O Omnichannel approach, instead of the traditional model of distribution.

Total Commerce Solution

The complete solution for your brands’ go-to-market needs.

We Take The Extra Mile

We are committed to meaningful partnerships and co-invest to ensure brand success.

Mama Business Model

Mamabox caters to and manages a wide range of brands from diverse categories. By identifying the primary pain points of brands, we design innovative ‘out of the box’ techniques to empower these brands to effectively reach their prospective target audience through our broad variety of distribution channels, smart marketing and products.

Exclusive Distributorship

Brands Partnership & Non-Exclusives

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business

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